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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Nidal Malik Hasan
Since 9/11 the government of the United States has sought to approach the war on terror by using politically correct policies and politically correct terms. The situation was questionable under the Bush administration, but totally impossible under the present Obama administration.

We are bewildered by government officials' use of such terms as "man-caused disasters" or "overseas contingency operations," but such terms pale when compared to a recent report on the Fort Hood terrorist attack. At an official news conference on the Fort Hood killings, it was stated that the problem with “self-radicalizationin the military was not rooted in Islam. " That, my friends, is the reason we are in such trouble and may never win the war on terror.

Al-Quaeda, Hamas, Hezbolah and every other terrorist organization, as well as the radicalized governments in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yeman etc. all have their roots in Islam. They are not Presbyterians, Methodists or Baptists. They are Muslims. The terrorists and all radicalized Muslim nations are all, without exception, rooted and grounded in Islam. Moderate Muslims who do not advocate violence are not taking their directives from the Qu'ran or Islamic teachings, but from their own modified views of what Islam ought to be and what it officially teaches. Strict Islam is what the radicalized Muslims believe and put into practice in order to justify violence against Israel, the United States and even other Muslims. Until the US government gets this, we have not a chance to win the war on terror, here or anywhere else.

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