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Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy Birthday Mr. President

According to Mary Todd Lincoln, her husband's last words were: "How I should like to visit Jerusalem sometime. According to Herb Geduld, a Jewish writer who lives in Cleveland, Lincoln was a great friend of the Jews.

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  1. You bring back a memory of mine. An excellent biography I read about the Lincolns
    also mentioned President Lincoln's
    love for Israel and his desire to see Jerusalem. I believe this developed after he
    became a Christian in response to the
    trauma of losing their little boy, Tad, I believe his name was. This will not be made known to Americans in the mainstream media, naturally!
    How can we explain our nation's phenomenal rise
    to greatness in so short a time and its
    unparalleled prosperity and the superpower status
    added except
    the blessing of this nation by God through our
    support of Israel? If we say it is because of our
    own goodness and our own efforts, then we
    are most foolish, as many other nations in history have had greater
    resources to begin with, and more
    people, and better conditions for development, than
    the colonies, yet America has surpassed them all
    in every category. Foreigners who came specifically to find out the secret of America's peerless success
    concluded that it was the Bible, the
    preaching of righteousness in America's pulpits,
    that produced our success. Now that our government leadership and the society at large are abandoning the Bible and the Ten Commandments, we see we are in grave trouble, do we not? It is clear that the curse is coming upon us, promised those nations who turn against the Bible, against
    God's commandments, and against Israel. Our greatness can evaporate in a few seconds!
    When everything is electronics-based that a civilization depends upon for its very existence,
    there is no insurance policy that can save us, nor any Carbonite-type computer backup that will restore what is
    lost when the whole system crashes. That crash
    may come soon, any minute.
    The peril we are in exceeds even what Lincoln
    and the Union faced when the southern states seceded and plunged the whole nation into civil war.
    Thank God, he is merciful and will still hear us if we cry to him, sincerely repenting of our sins
    in this crisis. That is my only hope.--Ron Ginther