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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, Columbus OH, (5800 baptized members) voted 538-48 (91.8%) to withdraw from ELCA. First vote.
This church will host the CORE Convocation August 26-27, 2010. This historic Convocation will consider proposals for the creation of the North American Lutheran Church and for the ongoing ministry of Lutheran CORE as a Community of Confessing Lutherans regardless of their church body affiliation.
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Lodi, CA (573 baptized members) voted by 92.4% to withdraw from ELCA. Second vote.
St. Paul Lutheran Church, West Manchester, PA (817 baptized members) voted 148-11 to withdraw from ELCA. Second vote.
Zoar Lutheran Church, Tofte, MN (151 baptized members) second attempt at first vote passed.
Dunmyer Lutheran Church, Johnstown, PA (194 baptized members) first vote passed.
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hermiston, OR (268 baptized members) second vote 72-0 passed.

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