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Sunday, November 13, 2011


1. Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church, Nazareth, PA passed second vote today to leave the ELCA, 115-14. Applied for membership in LCMC. Congregation passed first vote June 26, 2011: 97-25.

2. First Lutheran Church, Washburn, ND, vote to leave the ELCA in 2010 and join LCMC. Recently they voted to have dual membership in the NALC.

3. St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Marion, IA plans to join LCMC and at the same time retain its membership in the ELCA. This action is being taken by the Church Council and not through a vote of the congregation. The congregation previously passed its first vote to leave the ELCA, however the second vote failed. The Church Council wants no further votes taken until at least 2018. One of St. Mark's pastors, Dr. David Hagstrom resigned from the ELCA and joined the LCMC. He is therefore no longer eligible to serve St. Mark's according to ELCA rules. The congregation is now seeking to call another pastor.

4. First Lutheran Church, Leipsic, OH passed second vote to leave the ELCA, 84.2%. Will join NALC.


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