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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lutheran leader confronts state's Catholic bishops over gay marriage

To My Brothers -- The Catholic Bishops of Minnesota:
In 1976 I was elected a Lutheran bishop in Minnesota -- one of seven such Lutheran leaders in the state. Over the next years one of the highlights of my time in office was the annual noon-to-noon retreat with our eight Catholic counterparts in the state.
The bond that developed between us was deep and respectful. We shared our differences; we celebrated our likenesses. My friendship with Archbishop John Roach and Bishop Raymond Lucker, in particular, is a blessing I will treasure as long as I live.
May I share a word with all of you who now lead the Roman Catholic community of faith in Minnesota?
First, I would go to the wall to defend your right to work for the adoption of the so-called marriage protection amendment. Having said that, I must tell you that I believe you are making a significant mistake.
Over my 35 years as an active and retired bishop I have come to know hundreds of gay and lesbian persons. I have yet to meet even one who is opposed to the marriage of one man and one woman. After all, they are the daughters and sons of such unions.
What they cannot understand is why church leaders would oppose their fundamental desire and right to be in partnership with someone they love and respect who happens to be of the same gender and sexual orientation. They don't understand why they should not enjoy all the rights and privileges their straight counterparts take for granted.



  1. What is truly sad is that this man doesn't get it,and actually refuses to see the light. What I will say is that his disobedience, in my opinion, isn't simply willful. I understand he had an adopted son who committed suicide, and was homosexual. The son needed deliverance from the spirit of homosexuality and the spirit of suicide and the spirits of depression etc. But former bishop Chilstrom doesn't understand that. He is deeply in grief and trying to work it out by supporting a life-style that actually brought his adopted son to his end. We should pray for his recovery in the Lord and that he would speak out against this demonic foe of homosexuality that seeks to destroy the people.

  2. In turn, I hope that the Catholic bishops confront Bishop Chilstrom and his fellow ELCA bishops and ask that the ELCA stop funding the killing of unborn children through its employee health benefits plan.

  3. Bishop Chilstrom must be a very powerful man to "unsin" a sin.

  4. This bishop's letter is presumptuous and insulting to the Catholic bishops. It also reveals lack of understanding or lack of acceptance of what real marriage is, of the God-given purpose of sex. Just like abortion (the killing of unborn children, which the ELCA supports--both philosophically and financially, as the previous commenter noted) is never the solution that should be given to women with unplanned or difficult pregnancies, redefining marriage is not the answer to ministering to individuals who are sexually attracted to persons of the same sex.

  5. As a former member of the ELCA, I can just say to current members don't just walk out of a Church you belong to in the ELCA, RUN!!!!!!!!
    Bible believing members need to honor our Lord by heeding His word and not listen to those with itchy ears.