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Friday, January 20, 2012


The battle for life rages on in America. Every follower of the Author of Life, Jesus Christ, needs to be in this battle. Below you will find a beautiful poem MOMMY PLEASE, by my granddaughter, Olivia Barnhart, written when she was 15 years of age.  Also, included below is an article about a baby born at 24 weeks who was released from the hospital recently. It should give us cause for pause as we think of how many little lives are killed through abortion at that age--some sooner, some later!  Let us pray and labor that this killing of our precious unborn will be halted!

By Olivia Barnhart

You can’t see me

Yet I depend on you with my life.
I can’t live on my own,
Not viable they say
I need you
Please, Mommy, please

I am yours.

Though given as a gift,
I'm received as punishment,

I was made priceless
You pay to get rid of me.
Why don't you love me?
Please, Mommy, please

Love me.

Your words can tear me apart,
Stop my little heart.
Please Mommy, please
Is this really what's best for us?

Unwanted you call me,
Not a person yet
A mistake to be corrected,
Not a life to be protected
Please, Mommy, please

Don't see me that way.

My little body
Is growing inside of you
Quickening, maybe not yet
But still a person
Whose life is in your hands
Please, Mommy, please

Have mercy on me.

I heard you crying
I know this is hard
But please, Mommy, please
Wait for my first cry

Then we can cry together. 


It's all about life, please read the following article:
9.8 oz Baby Goes Home


  1. The ELCA is willing to pay,through its health benefits plan, to have an unborn child killed in her mother's womb up through the first five months of pregnancy, no questions asked. It is time that people wake-up and get out of the ELCA!

  2. MURDER is MURDER if the person is in the womb or out of the womb and 55 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray those who have murdered their babies in their wombs will accept Jesus into their hearts and forgive themselves as Jesus will forgive them if they only ask!!!!!!!!!