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Monday, February 13, 2012


Living Word Lutheran Church in Milbank, SD is growing. The new congregation reports it now has 352 baptized members.

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Lucas, OH has successfully taken their first vote to withdraw from the ELCA.

First Lutheran Church, Northwood, IA failed in its first vote to leave the ELCA, 133 voted to stay in the ELCA while 94 voted to withdraw.

Spirit of the Desert Lutheran Church, Las Vegas, is the only mission congregation of the LCMC in Nevada.

Salem Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Long Lake, SD has voted the leave the ELCA and join the LCMC.

St. James Lutheran Church, Leola, SD passed its second vote to leave the ELCA, January 22, 2012, 58 in favor 11 opposed.

We have removed from our list of churches that voted to leave the ELCA--Roslyn Lutheran Church, Roslyn, SD.  According to a posting on the Synod's web site, Roslyn successfully passed its second vote; however, the congregation does not believe the vote was successful. Fron Lutheran Church, their sister congregation in the same parish did successfully vote to leave the ELCA. No word on what the Roslyn Lutheran Church has planned for future action.

ELCA churches throughout the country are continuing to vote to leave the ELCA. Stay tuned....

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