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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here is a shocking story of how desperate the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is becoming as scores of its congregations are voting to sever ties. Former LCA churches are the most vulnerable in this "hard ball" strategy. Pray for St. Peter's in Fort Pierce. Pray especially that they will be able to hire an attorney that will help them gain the victory.


  1. I think the ELCA has a good reason.
    Many churchs are being led by their pastors to leave.
    My pastor has implemented many things that are not ELCA into the church...thinking noone is noticing.
    He also stated that people don't join this certain church because it's ELCA.
    He does not wany any indication of association with the ELCA anywhere on stationary or signs.
    It was an ELCA church for over 30 years, much longer than the 4 years since his calling.
    Why doesn't this angry pastor leave this church and find the church he desires.
    Is it the fact the church is paid for and it has over 2,000 members he'd like to keep?
    He told church members that if they did not like the way the church is, they should find a church that does......I say it goes both ways!!!

  2. Those pastors who are leading their congregations to leave the apostate ELCA are following Scripture and their ordinations vows. More power to your pastor.

    The ELCA has not existed 30 years. It came into existence in 1988.

    If your congregation takes a vote and 2/3s or more desire to remain with the ELCA, so be it. But if the 2/3s majority wants out, they should be allowed to leave. So should the church in Ft. Pierce.