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Friday, July 9, 2010


According to ELCA secretary David Swartling:
"As of June 30, the Office of the Secretary has been advised that 462 congregations have taken first votes to terminate their relationship with the ELCA (some congregations have taken more than one first vote). Of these 462 congregations that have taken first votes, 312 passed and 150 failed. Synods also have informed the Office of the Secretary that 196 congregations have taken a second vote, 185 of which passed and 11 failed. (The numbers previously reported on June 3 for second votes contained an error; the correct number of failed second votes as of June 3 should have been 10, not 21. Thus, the number of second votes that passed as of June 3 should have been 151, not 140.)"

Since the above figures are given to the ELCA secretary by the various Synods prior to June 30, there is a delay in counting some congregations. Note also that any number of congregations where the vote fail regarding withdrawal, they are scheduling meetings to vote on the issue again. Based on information obtained by Abiding Word Ministries about 220 congregations have successfully taken their second vote to leave the ELCA. However, a number of former LCA congregations must wait for their synod's approval before being officially dismissed.

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