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Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh, the tales told by those who want to deceive or mislead. Two recent articles from statements made by two synod bishops give great cause for pause.

Bishop Larry Wohlrabe of the ELCA Northwestern Minnesota Synod was quoted in an article by Jim Spencer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune as rejoicing because the estimated 1000 churches that were to have left the ELCA by now had not materialized. The article stated that only 199 churches have voted to leave, and in Minnesota only 24 churches have left.

However, according to the ELCA’s own statistics as of September 1, 226 churches had voted to leave. In Minnesota, 30 congregations have voted out thus far with another 12 waiting
to take their second vote. Counting the 30 congregation and assuming these 12 congregations waiting to vote are successful, the combined membership losses for the Minnesota Synod alone will be 42,948. At least six additional congregations in Minnesota will be voting to leave the ELCA before the end of the year.
In spite of the Bishop's rejoicing, I still estimate that 1000 churches will leave the ELCA by the end 0f 2011. ELCA churches will continue to vote out in the coming months and years because the decision to ordain practicing homosexuals was only the first installment. Additional unacceptable decisions by the ELCA will be coming.

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Bishop Michael Rinehart of the ELCA’s Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod inferred the new start-up Lutheran churches are “cults,” in an article published September 25, 2010.
“Schismatic behavior, that is division, is the disease of the Lutheran movement, said Rinehart. “Sadly, it is part of our DNA.”
“If someone doesn’t like this or that decision, they form their own church. The line between a small denomination and cult is becoming too thin for my taste.”

The Bishop vitriol is vicious and unbecoming.

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  1. I tried to post a reply tok your blog on the bishop's who are calling the new Lutheran churches schismatic. It should be said that the actions of the ELCA 2009 CWA were in themselves schismatic: a turn away from the teaching of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

    Pr. Erma Wolf is right, though: you don't fight schism with schism.

    Pr. Dan Biles
    Spring Grove, PA

  2. What kind of a statement is "you don't fight schism with schism"? Did Jesus say that? Luther? I don't want to fight with an unbelieving church anymore. I want to worship in a believing church.

  3. “Schismatic behavior, that is division, is the disease of the Lutheran movement, said Bishop Rinehart. “Sadly, it is part of our DNA.” Yes, it is true that the schizmatic behavior of the ELCA has created division in the church of Jesus Christ. This schizmatic behavior includes rejecting the authority of scripture as well as the teachings of the scriptures, the Church Fathers and the Evangelical Lutheran Confessions. Obviously, such behavior is called heresy or false teaching and has turned the ELCA into a 4 million member cult.