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Saturday, September 11, 2010


As of September 2, the Office of the Secretary has been advised that congregations have taken 529 first votes to terminate their relationship with the ELCA (some congregations have taken more than one first vote). Of these 529 first votes, 362 passed and 167 failed. Synods also have informed the Office of the Secretary that congregations have taken 236 second votes, 222 of which passed and 14 failed.

According to this count, we are missing 50 congregations from the list below of congregations that have successfully passed their first and/or second votes. If you are aware of congregations not on our list, please inform us. Thank you.

Please not the updated list of congregations that will vote tomorrow September 12 and keep them in your prayers-- * first vote ** second vote:
New Jerusalem Lutheran, Hickory, NC**Holy Trinity Lutheran, Abington, Pa**Center Grove Lutheran, Kannapolis, NC **St. James Lutheran, Philadelphia PA *St. Paul Lutheran, Irwin, IA**Bethlehem Lutheran, Jacksonville IA **Zion Lutheran, (Brentwood) Pittsburgh, PA *First Lutheran Church, Idaho Falls, ID **St. Mark's Lutheran, Hayden, ID **

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  1. Thanks for the statistical update. Do you know whether the 529 number of first votes includes the 236 that have taken second votes? Or is the 529 figure only the number that have taken first votes but not yet taken the second vote?