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Sunday, October 10, 2010


1. Rushford Lutheran Church, Rushford, Minnesota ** second successful vote 212-101
2. Bethel Lutheran Church, Lincolnton, NC * first successful vote--64 yes - 3 no. Also voted to join NALC.
3. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Whitewood, SD ** second successful vote 48-2. Earlier voted to join NALC.
4. St. John's Lutheran Church, Winters, TX ** second successful vote 77-1. Voted to join LCMC.
5. Holy Ghost Lutheran Church, Fredericksburg, TX ** second successful vote 88%. Voted to join NALC.
6. Trinity Lutheran Church, Lake Nordin, SD * first successful vote 74-4. Also voted to join NALC.
7. Organ Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC * first successful vote 176-77.*
8. Christ Lutheran Church, Stover, MO * first successful vote; plan to join AFLC
9. St. Timothy Lutheran Church, San Jose, CA * first successful vote 80+%.
10. Trinity Lutheran Church, Springfield, MN * first successful vote 108-26; also voted to join LCMC.
11. Fir-Conway Lutheran Church, Mt. Vernon, WA * second attempt at first vote failed.
12. St. Peter Lutheran Church, Armour, SD ** second successful vote 61-11.


  1. Immanuel Lutheran Church in Whitewood, S.D., approved its second vote to leave the ELCA 48-2 on Sunday, Oct. 10.

    The congregation voted to join the NALC on July 11, the day it took its first vote to leave the ELCA.

    We thank God for his faithfulness in this process and for the gift of a congregation that is united.

  2. Trinity Lutheran Church in Lake Norden, S.D., passed its first vote to leave the ELCA 74-0 on Oct. 10. The congregation also voted to join the NALC. The vote passed 73-1 with 1 absention.

  3. Rev. Christopher MartinOctober 11, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Pastor Barnhardt,

    Are there a lot of congregations leaving the ELCA that have serious interest in the AFLC or the AALC considering the fact both groups do not ordain women and the ELCA and her predecessor bodies did and it appears as if neither the AALC or the AFLC will be ordaining women anytime soon?

  4. Pastor Barnhart says: The vast majority of congregations voting to leave the ELCA are choosing to joint the LCMC and the NALC. The reason most don't give consideration to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, AFLC and the AALC is because none of these ordain women. However, there are some ELCA congregations choosing to join the LC-MS, the AALC and the AFLC. These are among the most conservative Lutheran bodies.

  5. The actual vote at Trinity in Lake Norden, SD was 74-0 (1st Vote). The vote to join the NALC was 73-1 with one absention.

  6. I am thankful when the congregation unites on whatever decision they think is right. I wish someone was tracking people like me who were so offended by the actions of their pastor/council that they had no choice but to leave...was in fact told to leave because they could replace me with people who believed like them. So much for open and honest dialog. I will never belong to another Lutheran church after observing the ugly behaviors this has generated on both sides.