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Sunday, October 31, 2010


* Indicates first vote; * Indicates second vote

Salem (Welcome) Lutheran, Brenham, TX ** successfully took second vote 105-10 NALC

St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Brenham, TX * successfully took first vote 92.5% 72-5.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Letcher, SD * first vote failed 11-27.

Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, Columbus, OH** successfully took second vote (95%) 558-28. Vote to join LCMC passed 553-26; Vote to join NALC passed 519-60.

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Thomasboro, IL** successfully took second vote 96%.

American Lutheran Church, Rantoul, IL,** successfully took second vote 97%.

St. John Lutheran Church, Royal IL, ** successfully took second vote 97%.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, St. Joseph, IL,* successfully took first vote.

First Lutheran Church, Paxton, IL * failed first vote.

First English Lutheran, Marysville, OH* successfully took first vote. 81%

Trinity Lutheran Church, Ellsworth, IA successfully took first vote. 89%

Peace Lutheran Church, Rockdale, TX ** successfully took second vote. 85%

St. John Lutheran Church, Greenville, OH ** successfully took second vote. 93%

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Mansfield, OH * successfully took first vote 109-23. Voted to join NALC

Millers Lutheran Church, Hickory, NC ** successfully took second vote. 90% Voted to join NALC
Friendship Lutheran Church, Taylorsville, NC first vote failed. 50-50

St. John Lutheran Church, Pocahontas, MO ** successfully took second vote October 17.

Calvary Lutheran Church, Brookfield, WI * successfully took first vote 185-40.

Bluffs Trinity Lutheran Church, Fremont, NE ** successfully took second vote; joined LCMC.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Madera, Madera, CA * successfully took first vote; joint LCMC.

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