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Friday, December 10, 2010


According to the ELCA secretary David Swartling, as of December 7, 2010, 666 congregations had taken first votes to leave the ELCA. These 666 have taken a total of 700 votes. (As we’ve seen, some congregations have taken multiple first votes.) Of the first votes taken 481 passed and 219 failed. 326 congregations have taken second votes (and one congregation has taken two second votes!) Of the total of 327 second votes, 308 passed and 19 failed.

Abiding Word Ministries' list posted below, which includes many December votes, shows 316 congregations that have successfully taken their second vote and 108 congregations that have successfully taken their first vote and are now in the discernment process before taking their second vote. At this time our list represents a net loss of baptized members for the ELCA of 235,568 since August 2009. (Figures are based on ELCA 2010 Yearbook.)

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  1. The Minnesota ELCA church whose pastor chaired the sexuality task force is experiencing tough economic times.

    "In his short time with Shepherd of the Lake, Strommen put the church on the map – and not always to the delight of congregation members. He served as chairman of the Task Force for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Studies on Sexuality, which made a recommendation on gay and lesbian clergy – a topic that has divided many among the church, nationally and locally."