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Sunday, December 5, 2010


* indicates first vote; ** indicates second vote

1. First Lutheran Church, Ellendale, MN successfully took second vote, Dec. 5, 72%.
Voted to affiliate with the AFLC.

2. Hope Lutheran Church, Everly, IA * (Nov. 21)

3. Albion Lutheran Church, St. James, MN * LCMC (Nov. 21)

4. Bethel Lutheran Church, Parkersburg, IA * (Nov. 21)

5. Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Memphis, TN * passed first vote December 5, 111-49. Also voted to join the NALC.

6. Lake Wylie Lutheran Church, Fort Mill, SC passed its second vote December 5 by 75%.

7. St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Butler, PA passed its first vote December 5, 189-43.

8. Reformation Lutheran Church, Culpeper, passed second vote and join NALC Dec. 5, 57-7.

9. Cross Lutheran Church, Pigeon, MI passed first vote by 78%.

10. St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Republican City, NE passed second vote Dec. 5 by 100%. Joined LCMC.

11. Peace Lutheran Church, Alma, NE passed second vote Dec. 5 by 91%. Joined LCMC.

12. Trinity Lutheran Church, Axtel, NE passed second vote this past summer. Joined LCMC.

13. Faith Lutheran Church, Seguin, TX passed first vote Dec. 5, 90%-10%.

14. Zion Lutheran Church, Priddy, TX passed first vote Oct. 2010, 91%.

15. First Lutheran Church, Floresville, TX pass first vote Oct. 24, 2010, 95-14.

16. Bethany Lutheran Church, Laurens, IA passed first vote.

17. Zion Lutheran Church, Ruthven, IA passed second vote Dec. 5. Joined NALC.

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