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Friday, August 28, 2009

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

A few weeks ago the White House sent emails concerning the health-care bill to people who could not figure out how they got on the White House computer list. More recently auto dealers, trying to go on line regarding their "cash for clunkers" program, discovered that by using the government program they were granting the goverment permission to examine at will the content and files of their computers. Another person went online to a government site regarding a test for work with Homeland Security and was informed that by using the program he was granting the government the right to examine the contents of his computer files. Now this latest bill, being prepared for consideration by the Senate, gives greater cause for concern that the President will be given the power to take over the internet if he deems it necessary. Just how much of our lives will the American people be willing to turn over to the control of the government. Does the Constitution no longer exist?

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