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Saturday, August 22, 2009


The phones at Abiding Word Ministries are ringing. People want to know how to get their churches out of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Without doubt, the largest exodus the ELCA has yet witnessed is about to unfold. Yesterday after the vote, Bishop Mark Hanson spoke to the Churchwide Assembly as though he was conducting a funeral. The one thing that happens at many funerals that was unseen in Hanson's remarks was HOPE! One delegate after another stood on the floor of the Churchwide Assembly in Minneapolis and warned if the measures on sexuality passed, their churches would likely leave. That seemed to go over the heads of most delegates.

A few years ago, Dr. Rudy Skogerboe wrote a book Who Has Stolen My Church? That happened yesterday as the homosexuals and the pro-homosexual lobby hijacked the ELCA. After spending over 25 years of trying to warn the folks in the ELCA what was happening to their church, I still viewed the events unfolding in the Churchwide Assembly with the deepest sense of sadness. Yesterday, I witnessed the death of a church. I was deeply impressed by the number of pastors and delegates who spoke Bible truth to the assembled delegates. One pastor from West Virginia stated that his church was growing because they stood on the "inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God. He doubted they would remain in the ELCA.

Pray for all the people in the ELCA who must now decide what course of action they must take regarding their membership or affiliation with the ELCA. Abiding Word Ministries stands ready, as it has for the past 25 years, to assist those who want help getting out of the ELCA. We offer books, newsletters and literature upon request.

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