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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Members of mainline churches may think they own their property and control their congregation's life. But just wait until.... If your church needed a reason to get out and live free, this is it-- Presbytery bans minister, dissolves church
By Edward Terry, The Layman , Posted Friday, December 4, 2009
CINCINNATI, Ohio – The Rev. Ian Lamont’s phone has stopped ringing – and so have the Sunday morning chimes at Seventh Presbyterian Church. Both Lamont and the leadership of the now-dissolved congregation consider the Presbytery of Cincinnati responsible.
Despite 22 years as an ordained minister and success re-energizing declining congregations, Lamont now is unable to find a call in the Presbyterian Church (USA). He’s also facing financial ruin as his severance from his previous congregation is about to end and he’s holding two mortgages while trying to support a wife and four children. The Presbytery of Cincinnati denied Seventh’s call for Lamont as its pastor in September, even though he remains in good standing with his presbytery and, at one time, had several congregations interested in calling him. He can’t help but wonder if he’s been blacklisted.

Dr. Ian Lamont
Equally broken hearted are the remaining former members of Seventh, which, like so many other congregations, had seen its membership decline. Seventh had its final service Sept. 27, and a few weeks later, its presbytery hammered the final nail in its coffin.

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