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Thursday, November 4, 2010


As of 11/3/10, a total of 629 congregations have taken first votes to leave the ELCA.
Of that number 33 congregations took their first vote more than once.

Of the first votes taken, 431 passed, while 198 failed.

A total of 309 congregations have taken their second vote to leave the ELCA.
Of that number 291 passed and 18 failed.

The list of congregations voting to leave the ELCA published on this site by David R. Barnhart
shows 273 congregations having successfully taken their second vote. Thus some 18 congregations are yet to be identified.

On our list we show 100 congregations that are waiting to take their second vote.
According to the ELCA there are 123 such congregations, thus some 23 congregations have yet to be identified.

If you are aware of any congregations not on our list that have successfully taken either their first or second vote to leave the ELCA, please inform us at

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