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Friday, March 18, 2011


In some cases a state represents a complete ELCA synod, while other states have more than one synod. There are several synods with congregations in more than one state.

These losses are based on congregations posted on my blog that have successfully taken one or both of their votes to leave the ELCA.

The total of ELCA baptized membership losses in all states is 268,862 from 423 congregations that have taken two successful votes and from 91 congregations that have taken one successful vote, with second vote pending.

Figures are based on reports from ELCA’s 2011 Yearbook.

Alaska 244
Arizona 11,157
California 23,117
Colorado 3,202
Florida 5,307
Georgia 2,230
Idaho 1,279
Illinois 16,876
Indiana 3,355
Iowa 17,003
Kansas 824
Kentucky 1,909
Maryland 4,884
Michigan 7,611
Missouri 573
Minnesota 46,997
Montana 6,395
Nebraska 6,438
New York 2,681
North Carolina 12,373
North Dakota 4,672
Ohio 23,969
Oregon 2,203
Pennsylvania 12,439
South Carolina 1,150
South Dakota 6,119
Tennessee 490
Texas 19,052
Utah 639
Virginia 1,990
Washington 6,686
West Virginia 669
Wisconsin 13,133
Wyoming 322

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