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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pray for the following congregations scheduled to vote this coming Sunday to withdraw membership in the ELCA.

If you know of other congregations voting this Sunday, please inform us at

1. Grace Lutheran Church, Springfield, OH **
2. St. Paul Lutheran Church, Springfield, MN **
3. Lutheran Church of the Atonement, Wilkesboro, NC **
4. Bethel Lutheran Church Lincolnton, NC **
5. Trinity Lutheran Church, Lake Norden, SD **
6. Zion Lutheran Church, Skanee, MI **
7. Redeemer Lutheran Church, Champion, MI *

Evanger Lutheran Church, Sargeant, MN ** is scheduled to vote January 12.

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  1. If the acceptance of the doctrine of Historical Criticism/Higher Criticism led the ELCA to eventually embrace Open Communion, Womens Ordination, Abortion, Evolution, Homosexuality, and Universal Salvation, then wouldn't the removal of this H.C. doctrine mandate the rejection of all these practices and make the ex-ELCA congregations confessional.

    Confessional Lutheran denominations already exist. Wouldn't it make more sense if those ex-ELCA churches were to join the LCMS or TAALC instead of trying to "re-invent the wheel." Just a thought.

    I look forward to reading your response on the ALPB forum page:

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.