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Sunday, January 9, 2011


1. First Lutheran Church, Troy, OH passed their first vote 101-7, 94%.

2. First Lutheran Church, Princeton, IL passed their first vote 78-3, 96.3%.

3. St. John's Lutheran Church, Flanagan, IL passed their second vote 82-11.

4. St. Paul Lutheran Church, Rosenberg, TX passed their second vote 57-4, 93%. Joining NALC

5. Peace Lutheran Church, Deshler, NE passed their second vote 115-20. LCMC

6. First Lutheran Church, Pontiac, IL passed their second vote 126-4, 96.9%. Voted to join NALC - 124-3, 97.6%.

7. St. James Lutheran Church Greenfield, IN passed first vote 1/2/11 to leave the ELCA. To get the whole story, read:

8. Bethany Lutheran Church, Laurens, IA passed their second vote 1/9/11. NALC

9. Norway Lutheran Church, St. Olaf, IA passed their first vote 1/9/11. 90-14,86.5%

10. Marion Lutheran Church, Elgin, IA passed their first vote 1/9/11. 47-1, 98%

11. Hope Lutheran Church, Cedar Hill, TX passed their first vote 1/9/11. 88%.

12. Zion Lutheran Church, Kent, WA passed their first vote 189-31, 1/9/11.

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