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Sunday, January 23, 2011


1. Concordia Lutheran Church, China Grove, NC ** passed second vote to leave ELCA 164-5.

2. St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Portland, TX ** passed second vote 95.3%. Voted to join NALC and LCMC.

3. First Lutheran Church, Pillager, MN * passed first vote 54-13.

4. Immanuel Lutheran Church, La Vernia, TX** passed second vote 100-2. Voted to join NALC.

5. Grace Lutheran Church, Huntington Beach, CA * passed first vote 255-42.

6. St. John Lutheran Church, Grove City, OH * passed first vote 156-33.

7. Our Saviour's Lutheran, Nelson, MN ** passed second vote 100%. Joined LCMC.

8. Fahlun Lutheran Church, Nelson, MN * passed first vote 100%.

9. Ascension Lutheran Church, Shiocton, WI* passed first vote 60-7.

10. St. John Lutheran, Plainfield, IA** passed second vote 1/9/11

11. Waterloo Ridge Lutheran Church, Dorchester, IA * passed first vote 1/16/11, 38-7.

12. Denny Park Lutheran Church Seattle, WA * passed first vote 1/23/11, 95%.

13. Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Claremont, NC** passed second vote 1/9/11. NALC

14. Bethel Lutheran Church, Lincolnton, NC ** passed second vote 1/16/11, 95%. Joined NALC

15. Hegland Lutheran Church, Hawley, MN ** passed second vote 1/11. Joined LCMC

16. St. Paul Lutheran Church, Sulphur Springs, OH** passed second vote 1/23/11. Joined NALC and LCMC.

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