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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Vine and Branches, a newsletter of Abiding Word Ministries is now available.

This 20-page publication includes:
Editorial by Pastor David R. Barnhart: Shabbat Shalom for Turbulent Times
Lead article: Only a Heaven-sent Revival Can Restore America
Ken Ham, director of Answers in Genesis, answers ELCA pastor who questions Ham’s teachings on Creation.

For Your Information contains the following:
1. ELCA will make it more difficult for congregations to leave in the future.
2. ELCA bishop’s effort to removed pastor is rebuffed by pastor’s congregation.
3. Pastors sue ELCA over cut in pensions.
4. Summary of congregations voting to leave the ELCA.
5. ELCA congregations promotes paganism.
6. Islam and the new “Chrislam” being promoted in churches.
7. Muslims being won to Christ in unprecedented numbers.
8. Frankie San and his unique prison ministry.

Focus on Israel contains report of Amish travels to Israel to apologize; Amish Grace, the movie; replacement theology; and assorted news of interest from Israel.

If you are not receiving The Vine and Branches, published 5 times a year, contact us with your mailing address to receive the latest issue and to be placed on our mailing list. No subscription fee, but donations are encouraged to support this important ministry now in its 27th year. The Vine and Branches is an invaluable source of informtion and inspiration for laity, clergy and congregations seeking to make their stand for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus!

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