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Monday, February 7, 2011


1. First Lutheran Church, West Palm Beach, FL ** 2/6/11, passed second vote.

2. Atonement Lutheran Church, Wilkesboro, NC ** 2/6/11, passed second vote,
38-3. Also voted to join NALC and LCMC.

3. Old East Paint Creek Lutheran Church, Waterville, IA ** 2/6/11, passed second vote 105-1. Will join NALC.

4. Old West Paint Creek Lutheran Church, Waukon, IA** 2/6/11, passed second vote 87-2. Will join NALC.

5. St. Paul Lutheran Church (Trauger), Latrobe, PA* 2/6/11, first vote failed by 2 votes.

6. Elim Lutheran Church, Randall, IA** 1/11 passed second vote; voted to join LCMC.

7. St. Martin Lutheran Church, Maiden, NC* 2/6/11 passed first vote 84-2. Plan to join NALC.

8. Black Forest Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO* 11/14/10 passed first vote. Second vote scheduled for February 27.
9. St. John Lutheran Church, Ashboro, NC** 2/6/11 passed first vote.

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  1. The ELCA seems to have lost its credibility with its members lately. Soon many other churches will follow suit. I'm suprised that the First Lutheran Church voted that way.