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Friday, February 25, 2011

ELCA College Course Concludes with Professor and Students Drag Show

(Laity, congregations and pastors who are considering leaving the ELCA may want to hasten their departure after reading this story.)

by Exposing the ELCA

“Higher Standards — Higher Values — Lutheran Higher Education — There's a Difference, and it Lasts a Lifetime.” (quote from here) That is a statement from the official Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s website describing “the 26 colleges and universities of the ELCA . . .” (quote from here)

I leave it to you to decide if the ELCA is living up to the above statement after reading the following:

Muhlenberg College, an ELCA affiliated school, offers first year students a course called "Of Kings and Queens: Drag Theory and Performance."

In a Muhlenberg College posted article entitled, “This class is a drag — and students love it,” it says this about the course, “The students in ‘Of Kings and Queens’ have spent the first three-quarters of the semester reading, writing and analyzing, discussing the politics of gender and sexuality, and coming to understand drag as a cultural phenomenon.

But the highlight of the semester will be the final exam. (Assistant Professor Troy) Dwyer and all 15 of his students are planning a drag show, which they will perform for the public, Dec. 9 at the Stonewall. Dwyer says he believes the course is unique.”

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  1. Sort of makes you wonder what Muhlenberg College will offer next semester as a follow up. Engineering considerations when designing a solar-powered Temple of Aphrodite? Human sacrifice as a model for social justice? Lot and his daughters as founders of an alternate lifestyle? Jesus as community organizer? The mind boggles!