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Sunday, February 13, 2011


* Indicates first vote ** Indicates second vote

1. Franklin Lutheran Church, (Soldiers Grove) Viroqua, WI,* passed first vote 43-13.

2. St. John Lutheran Church, Starbuck, MN* passed first vote 24-1.

3. Trinity Lutheran Church, Smithport, PA failed to pass first vote 23-19.

4. Hope Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, SD failed to pass first vote 168-88.

5. St. Timothy Lutheran Church, San Jose, CA** passed second vote 88.5%. Joined NALC.

6. St. Peter Lutheran Church, Mesa, AZ** passed second vote 120-16. Voted last December to join LCMC and NALC.

7. Salem Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC* passed first vote 229-40.

8. Faith in Christ Lutheran Church, Springfield, OH** passed second vote 48-6. Voted to join NALC.

9. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Manfield, OH** passed second vote 94-31. Voted to join NALC.

10. Christ Lutheran Church, Santa Clarita, CA** passed second vote 158-3.

11. Trinity Lutheran Church, Carrington, ND* passed first vote 90%. Joined LCMC.

12. American Lutheran Church, Presho, SD failed to pass first vote, 37-23.


  1. What is life like in a church were the overwhelming majority want to leave ELCA, but they fall a few votes short of breaking the super-majority barrier to effect their exit? We should pray for those painfully divided congregations. I can't imagine how tough it must be for them to contemplate their future. Certainly the future of these churches cannot be promising.

  2. I've been fortunate enough to meet people from two new mission start congregations that were begun by those who were part of the losing majority in votes to leave the ELCA. One was New Life Lutheran Church in Sterling, Illinois, started by members of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rock Falls (the name of the Post office on the south side of the river) and St Paul Lutheran Church in Sterling. The other is Word of God Lutheran Church in Peachtree City, Georgia, established by refugees from Christ our Shepherd Lutheran Church, also in Peachtree City. I've spoken on the phone with people from Christ Lutheran Church in Lake Chautauqua, who were refugees from an ELCA church in a nearby town whose vote failed. Over the span of 59 years, I've had the good fortune to meet a lot of happy Lutherans. The people in those new start-ups were among the happiest I've encountered.

    It is always good to pray for others, regardless of their circumstances. I think it is also important for us all to remain optimistic, and to see the positive things that accompany these situations instead of dwelling on the negatives. Certainly, starting a new congregation requires much effort. But that effort is usually joyful work, not a tragedy.

  3. Thank you George, you are so right. I am a member of a new mission congregation in Seward, NE. The second vote was "lost" by one vote and the majority of the congregation left to form a new congregation. God is sovereign and has a plan for BOTH congregations. Prayers are much appreciated but there is no tragedy here, I don't think there can be when you walk with such a wonderful, loving, merciful and healing God.