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Friday, April 1, 2011


The following was reported on the ALPB Forum:

Reported today in the NC Synod's email newsletter:

Congregation Update - March 29, 2011
Across the ELCA's 10,400 congregations (as of March 3, 2011):

* 551 congregations which have taken the first vote to disaffiliate, received the necessary 2/3's majority
* 240 first votes failed
* 414 congregations have had a second vote to disaffiliate, receiving the necessary 2/3's majority
* 23 second votes failed

This is an old update of ELCA figures. The last ELCA report (March 3) stated that 743 congregations have taken their first vote to leave the ELCA. Of that number, 551 passed and 240 failed. There have been 437 second votes; 414 passed and 23 failed. (We point out that even these figures are out of date.) In the North Carolina Synod's 238 congregations:

* 22 congregations in North Carolina have voted to disaffiliate and their departure has been approved by the NC Synod Council:
o Mt. Hermon, Statesville
o Spirit of Joy, Matthews
o St. Paul's, Salisbury
o The Well, Charlotte
o Center Grove, Kannapolis
o New Jerusalem, Hickory
o Christiana, Salisbury
o St. Matthew, Salisbury
o Grace, Newton
o Trinity, Landis
o Miller's, Hickory
o Union, Salisbury
o St. James, Newton
o St. John's, Statesville
o Mt. Calvary, Claremont
o Christus Victor, Fayetteville
o Bethel, Lincolnton
o Concordia, China Grove
o St. John's, Asheboro
o Atonement, Wilkesboro
o Holy Trinity, Troutman
o Redeemer, Charlotte

* Three congregations have taken a second vote to disaffiliate and their request will be considered during the June Synod Council meeting: Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Dallas; Holy Trinity, Gastonia; Organ, Salisbury.
* Six congregations have taken a first vote and received the necessary 2/3's to disaffiliate, but have not yet received a second vote.
* Eight congregations have voted and will remain in the ELCA

We have all these churches on our list except for Christus Victor, Fayetteville.
We noted also second votes we did not have listed for Redeemer, Charlotte; Our Savior, Dallas.

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