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Monday, September 28, 2009


About 1200 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America members and clergy gathered in Indiana for a meeting of the Lutheran Coalition for Renewal (CORE) this past weekend. They adopted a constitution, but determined to wait a year to see how things go within the ELCA regarding the homosexual issue that is now threatening to divided the largest Lutheran church in the U.S.

CORE is anything but conservative. It is not a viable choice for those who wish to stand up for the truth and leave the ELCA. It is "ELCA Light." The organization does not recognize the Bible as "the inspired, inerrant Word of God." Many of its clergy are quite liberal in their views on doctrine and social issues. Most associated with CORE seem ready to stay and work inside the ELCA, which means it will have little or no impact whatsoever changing the wayward church. Since it would appear that hundreds of congregations are moving to dissociate themselves from the ELCA, its leaders are likely pleased that CORE wants to find a way to work within the existing body rather than bail.

There are so many good choices for ELCA congregations that want to get out of a denomination that broke faith with 2000 years of biblical teaching. Those congregations and clergy that choose the way of CORE by "hanging in there" with those who hijacked the ELCA will find only heartache and disappointment. Get out now and follow the Scriptures, not those whose goal is to compromise the faith.

Over the weekend the ELCA announced that Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Arizona voted to leave the ELCA. This 6500-member church represents a sizable loss to the ELCA and an object lesson in what every Scripture-loving ELCA church should be doing to preserve their heritage.

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